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aftermath of obliteration of eternity

Mixed media installation by Kayoi Kusama.

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land art


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the boy with the incredible brain

Holy smoke.

Pop some popcorn and watch this doc in lieu of some craptastic reality show. Two minutes and it will suck you in! Such powerful proof that we have extra-sensory, super computers between our ears that can access so much more than the tiny fraction of “reality” most of us are limited to perceiving. Here’s the direct link. (Hat tip: Spiritually Deep Dish)

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There’s a new CPR technique called CCR that’s super EASY, doesn’t require mouth-to-mouth and is performed to the rhythm of a Bee Gees tune. I feel so empowered. Always bugged me that I didn’t know CPR and now I do. At least watch the first 1:30 for the basic info on how to keep someone’s blood and oxygen flowing to the heart. It’s really easy…

(Thanks to Peter’s mom!)

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Brilliant trailer. So ominous!
(Radiohead + Shakespeare = yes.)

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Phenomenal article that everyone should read.

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and so it begins…

LOTR fans, this will give you chills……….three years is too long to wait!

P.S. The native blessing made me tear up.

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toda temple

Peace and harmony with the land.

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Nat Geo: photos of Hang Son Doong in Vietnam, officially the largest caves in the world (even larger than the caves of Borneo in Gunung Mulu National Park.) The guys who explore these caves are slightly nuts. So risky!

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Melts the heart to puddle of mush.

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