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happy happy earth day

(Peter Adams: Taro field in Hanalei, Kauai)

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Gorgeous, passionate cover of one of the best songs evah. (Though, it took me a sec to get past the back-up harmony.)

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scarier than science fiction

The American media refuses (is not allowed?) to report on this, but Al Jazeera has an incredible feature on the Gulf seafood deformities that are ‘alarming scientists’. I know people who are eating seafood from the Gulf, who shall go unnamed. Cra-zay.

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creepy cool promo for Alien prequel Prometheus

Um, where can I get a Fassbender robot?

Speaking of, Peter took some cool pics of robots the other day. We have a long way to go. I sort of hope we never get there.

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Addicted to this song, and weirdly enough, this video. Probably because Claire Boucher aka Grimes is so adorable. Just had a recent love affair with her Cocteau Twins inspired album Halfaxa from 2010–quirky and delicious!

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ashley judd slaps media in the face

Bravo. The changes she talks about are going to start when women stop brutally critiquing other woman.

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holi fest

Peter got some incredible pics and portraits from the Holi Festival at Stanford this weekend. A couple of them will be featured in one of our local newspapers. Check ’em out!

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