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riot grrls!

The Pussy Riot trial began in Moscow yesterday and is said to be the trial that will “set the tone” for Putin’s repeat “Presidency” (aka Dictatorship.) If you don’t know the story behind Pussy Riot, start here. It’s pretty fck’n awesome. Quick summary: ultra-intelligent feminist punk rock girl group takes on the new Russian dictatorship.

Until today, I didn’t realize that Amnesty International was now involved. Go here and add your name to the petition asking the Russian government to drop the “hooligan” charges that has these woman separated from their children for the past 5 months without visitation and could keep them in prison for the next SEVEN years.

Yeah…seven years in prison will show young Russian woman not to step up to the big, bad Putin-man. Must suck for him to be internationally humiliated by a bunch of riot grrls. Karma is a poetic bitch.

Photo: Rookie via Forbes

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storm over nyc (yesterday)

Totally sci-fi. See larger version (by Ryan Brenizer) here.

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bad ass geetar playin’

Via Hollister Hovey

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cloud atlas

The Wachowski siblings of The Matrix and Tom Twyker of Run Lola Run (two of the best movies ever made) came together to adapt the novel Cloud Atlas into a screenplay and then tri-direct the film. The six minute long trailer looks tremendous in scope. Even though it was rumored to cost 100 million to make, it’s basically an independent film as they had to collect funding from hundreds of different sources. (Nobody in Hollywood would back it because it was too “complex” and impossible to market.) Looks like one of the most ambitious films ever made and the subject matter is pure awesome—-karma, reincarnation, future/past/present connections, the nature of time and existence… does it get better? I think not. Pop the corn! October 26.

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