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14-year old Tina S. schools Eddie Van Halen.

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to old to be new, to young to be classic

Charmed by this surprisingly engaging mini-doc about indie music label DFA. I wasn’t even THAT interested, but it pulled me right in.

(Made by Red Bull Music Academy. Found on RDuJour.)

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inner demons

Loving this dark and luscious music video for “White Noise” by Exitmusic. The imagery is such a perfect depiction of what its like to wrestle with our inner demons. Parts of self that entrap, suffocate, drown other parts of self. Great song too. Aleksa’s customary warbling reminds me a little of Cher in this song :)

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the depressing elation of bittersweet rock anthems about youth

Here’s a cool cover of Bruce’s Glory Days by Basia Bulat. It’s the pianoette that really makes it work!

This got me pondering the weird power the original Glory Days and songs of that ilk—-those raucous, feet-stomping, hand-clapping anthems that get people singing, smiling, laughing and YET the song permeates you with a bittersweet melancholia. It’s a tricky recipe. Was trying to think of other songs like that. Mellancamp’s Jack & Diane comes to mind. More Than A Feeling by Boston?

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