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The latest thrill over here is the discovery of Phadriod—a husband & wife collaboration between Android Jones (a laser projectionist) and Phaedra (an interpretive dancer). Phaedra dances in a flowing white robes while Android projects images onto her moving body. Most of the time she performs in front of a giant screen, but sometimes she performs outside against the backdrop of the night—infinitely more magical. Yes, at first it looks like a screen saver, but when you start to make out the dancing woman, it’s purty cool. (Best parts are the bursting fire lights and the sparkling white stars!)


If you liked that, go 6 minutes into this mini doc about Burning Man to see some absolutely mind-bending Phadroid stuff. BTW, this whole doc is totally worth watching. (Lots of our friends are going Burning Man this year… sometimes I giggle when I think about the expanding gap between my East and West coast friends, but I so love wearing both pairs of boots!)

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tumbleweed tango



(via Sullivan)

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