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There are so many important issues clamoring for my attention and I only have so much bandwidth… but one issue I just can’t ignore is the genetically modified food battle. It’s so fundamental.

GMO foods in the US are not labeled because lobbyists pay to ensure they’re not. Why? Because a GMO label is a consumer’s equivalent of a skull and crossbones. And for good reason. (Just skim this interview with the heroic Dr. Árpád Pusztai, a whistleblower whose astounding study on the damaging effects of GMO potatoes caused a citizen uproar leading to an all-out BAN of genetically modified foods in Europe!)

To sum up Dr. Pusztai’s scientific findings: GMO foods weaken your immune system and will eventually weaken the human genome.

Hopefully, you belong to a CSA or get your veggies from an organic farmer’s market. But if you shop at Whole Foods – even occasionally – thinking they don’t sell this crap because of their (hypocritical) Non-GMO project, think again. Whole Foods just caved under Monsanto’s pressure and will now carry GMO foods beginning with Roundup Ready alfalfa sprouts and spreading from there. Oh, and these GMO foods won’t be labeled.

No matter where you shop, make some noise. Please take a sec to sign and pass along these two petitions asking food retailers to label GMO foods:

Tell the top 6 Food Retailers to label GMOs & factory farm products

Tell Whole Foods to voluntarily label conventional and “natural” foods containing GMOs or coming from Factory Farms

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