another victory

Looks like pink slime is off the menu, boys. At least for now. Pink slime, a.k.a. “finely textured beef”, is a meat by-product that’s used in like 95%+ of non-organic ground hamburger meat. People finally made a big fuss about, shit went viral, and change happened. Hurray for us.

Nobody did anything (about pink slime). USDA dropped the ball again. The meat industry soft sold it,” said Zirnstein, who left USDA and took a job as an industry consultant but now is unemployed. The issue got renewed life when British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who advocates for American children to eat healthier food, devoted an episode of his television show to the topic in April last year.

Disgusted by the product, consumer activist organizations, food safety blogs and the media have pounced on the issue. More than a million people have watched a YouTube video of Oliver’s show, an online petition has begun and consumers have complained to major grocery companies. […[

“The whole thing went viral … Just blew the top off everything,” said Zirnstein. Zirnstein said he worried at first about being deemed a whistleblower, but now does not care. “I am really an involuntary whistleblower,” he said. But he added, “It looks like pink slime. That is what I said.” Asked if he and his family still eat hamburgers, Zirnstein sighed. “The labels aren’t clear, so we don’t eat it. That’s the thing,” he said. “It isn’t freaking labeled.”


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