dispatches from occupy love

A very special filmmaker and group of producers are making a documentary called Occupy Love that I’ve been tracking with anticipation. The film investigates the Occupy movement as a global revolution of the heart that’s just about to find its true voice and explode. I get chills watching the updates they’ve been posting (see below).

Personally, I’ve been fascinated by how the media continues to perpetuate various ‘memes’ about the occupy movement that completely misrepresent not only what’s really happening on the street (locally and around the world), but what lies at the core of the movement. Once you move past the propaganda perpetuated by those who want to co-opt the movement (or see it fail), the fact is that occupy has the guidance of some wonderfully intelligent, compassionate and brilliant visionaries who want to Occupy survive as a community-owned revolution that can’t be pinned to a specific political movement, ideology or philosophy.

Many of them are focused on the idea that occupy is about remembering certain inalienable rights and taking back the “public square” where people can question, discuss and create solutions to problems that really aren’t much of a problem when you step outside of the boundaries that have been created for us.

The occupy blog is a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on inside of Occupy.

And their periodic dispatches and interview snippets are really inspiring!

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