ever-changing NYC

This article in NYT Magazine had us laughing and sighing with nostalgia: A Reason to Root for Dubai on the Hudson.

…into the 1990s, when I got out of college and moved back to New York. In those days, in my 20s, with nothing but time on my hands, my favorite activity was to tromp all over downtown for hours on end, a copy of The Village Voice folded under my arm, stopping at as many bookstores and record shops as possible. Occasionally, an art gallery. The magazine rack at Spring Street Books was a sacred shrine. In the days before the Internet, this is how you kept up with culture. You had to put the time in. You had to cover ground. To me, this was the most precious aspect of city living.

P.S. the article mentions the awesome blog, Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York. And for those who remember her, he recently wrote a post on Page the “Sign-the-Petition!” lady. I remember her well and totally took her for granted.

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