songs of summer

FIRE IN THE BLOOD when I listen to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new EP, IS IS. In my music world, Karen O has major staying power – the voice, the banshee cry, the moves, the clothes…. despite whatever “backlash” this band is always fending off, I keep coming back for more. Watch this performance of “Down Boy” and tell me she’s not the consummate professional. The dominatrix of rock.

Eisley‘s new album Combinations is more of what the Dupree siblings do so well – gorgeous harmonies and melodies. Listen to them sing about the alien hybrid conspiracy on “Invasion”:

Sally Shapiro’s Disco Romance is like discovering a soundtrack for an old 80’s fantasy movie (think Never Ending Story), but tasteful, luscious and infused with the sounds of Italo Disco (and a pinch of Stacy Q.) If you’re a girl-child of the 80’s, it’ll make you nostalgic for roller skating parties in junior high. Thanks to Rich Girls Are Weeping for introducing me to Sally way back when. Listen to “Hold Me So Tight”:

St. Vincent’s (Annie Clark), Marry Me is a spectacular fusion of musical genres and styles – very Jeff Buckley of her! It’s difficult to believe all this sound comes from one woman and her musical bag of tricks. Thanks to No Good For Me for piquing my interest. I wish Annie’d get a proper video for “Your Lips Are Red.” Keep in mind, the album version is pristine/expansive compared to this:

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