letting it sink in


So much emotion welling up inside me as I read and watch election coverage. (I can’t sleep!) I’m fascinated by all the stories circulating about different people’s voting experiences and I simply cannot get enough TV recaps of people’s REACTIONS the moment Obama won. Peter was in Brooklyn and saw two young girls running around the block in their underwear, big ‘B’s painted on their stomachs. I watched coverage with friends at a bar in Mountain View and the whole place erupted in whoops and hugs, tears glistening in our eyes. On CNN, I saw a woman stop her car, turn up a gospel song and praise God in the street. Hallelujah, sweet Jesus!

As I sit here absorbing what actually happened a few hours ago, this win feels MASSIVE, so much larger and deeper and more expansive than I anticipated. Tonight, something happened the likes of which I don’t think we can fully comprehend just yet. Barriers have been smashed – future, past and present. And, Barack, bless his heart, is just a conduit. He’s only a vehicle through which something much larger is flowing. This is not about him and he knows it. I saw it in his face tonight. He was grateful and humbled. This win is infinitely greater then politics or race or the economy or the war, it’s the beginning of a shift in consciousness.

Things will probably get worse before they get better, but we have laid a foundation tonight that will sustain us. My heart is singing. I am inspired to be an American today.

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