the countess

I adore July Delpy. If Before Sunrise and Before Sunset were coupled into one film it would be my number one movie of all time, ever. I’m also a big fan of her directorial debut, 2 Days in Paris, which tackled two of my favorite topics, Americans in Paris and the realities of love. (Not only did Julie star in 2 Days in Paris, but she wrote it, produced it, composed the music, and took all the photographs included in the film!)

Julie’s latest film, The Countess, is loosely based on the life of Elizabeth_Báthory, a Hungarian countess who reputedly killed young virgins, drained them, and then drank and bathed in their blood. Báthory’s legend makes her history’s most notorious female serial killer. In fact, it’s rumored that Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula was actually based on Báthory.

The trailer for The Countess makes me think that Julie chose to focus less on Báthory’s “vampirism” and more on what might drive a woman to become so obsessed with youth and beauty that she becomes a deranged murderer — basically, a *mediation on aging* Delpy style!

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