I came across Kelaya’s story (thanks to Yoli) and my heart broke for her. Kelaya is a mother of three who is jobless and living in a hotel. It sounds like she’s doing everything right. She has a social worker. Her kids are in school full-time. But she can’t find a job or get the assistance she needs because of this crappy economy and her social worker’s high volume of cases. On top of all of this, she’s breast-feeding an infant. (She was a victim of domestic violence and that’s why she’s out on her own.) Read her story and if you feel inclined do a something to help her (she needs to buy a mini-fridge so she can store her breast milk), please do. It swells my heart to see how Julie over at Tangobaby has made it her personal mission to help Kelaya and her children! (Julie has set up a Paypal account on her blog where people can donate directly to Kelaya. Even 5 bucks will help.) As Yoli so aptly puts it, Kelaya could be any of us.

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