Inspiration: HORSE


No, I’m not promoting Keane’s new album, but thanks to XO for bringing the beautiful Finnish folk art on their album cover to my attention! The other two horses were designed by Kunihiro Amano (top right) and Christophoro Sklavenitis (bottom right.) I’m enamored with their graceful, rounded necks and the delicate stem-like legs. What’s frustrating is that I can’t remember which obscure internet grotto I found the Amano woodblock print; all I have is this miniscule two-inch version. I’ll have to buy a tiny frame.

The Greek horse by Sklavenitis (supposedly a student of Modigiliani) is a statue I found years ago at The Museum Company. They don’t sell it anymore and I can only find it wholesale at this greekfleamarket. If I take an etching or woodblock class this summer, I’ll have to plagiarize the design.

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