The Veils


Geez, I’ve been meaning to post about The Veils new album, Nux Vomica, for months, but writing about singer Finn Andrews intimidates me………so I’ll just link to Obscure Sound who posts three tracks from Nux Vomica: “Advice For Young Mothers To Be,” “Calliope!” and “Not Yet.” (You’re welcome.) Nux Vomica is out September 11 on Rough Trade.

P.S. The Veils’ first album, The Runaway Found, was my under-a-rock musical find of 2005 (though it was released in 2004.) Last year, I probably listened to this album, as a whole, more than any other straight-up *rock-n-roll* album besides Spoon’s Gimme Fiction. Their MySpace has three gorgeous tracks from Runaway Found. What’s even more impressive is that most of the songs on Runaway were written by Finn when he was 17.

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