{artist} kate clark

I’m certain these creatures created by Kate Clark must come alive at night after the lights go out. Isn’t their life-likeness arresting?? If you sit with them long enough (after your initial reaction) their effect is mesmerizing. They manage to be fantastical, creepy and endearing all at the same time! I’m in complete awe of the process Kate uses to create these mythical creatures. She uses real animals ordered from a taxidermy catalog (better they are used for art than to decorate somebody’s den) and then constructs their faces from skin and hair taken only from the animal’s body, down to their eye lashes and eyelids.

Even though Kate is dissecting/deconstructing these animals, her reverence for their beauty and majesty is obvious. Here she is in the studio making her magic:

And here she is at the exhibition itself discussing the finer details of her artistic process, inspirations and what she hopes people will take away from her work.

(Discovered Kate’s creatures on native kee!)

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