helping japan

If you’re not a fan of donating to the Red Cross, consider The U.S.-Japan Council Earthquake Relief Fund (recommended to me by friends in Tokyo as a trustworthy organization.) This fund was established in order to collect donations that directly support immediate relief and the long-term rebuilding in Japan. 100% of all donations will go to carefully vetted organizations.

I have my preferred relief groups, but most don’t seem to have a impactful presence on the ground as of yet and The US-Japan Council is a wonderful non-profit organization that already has strong ties to Japan.

*UPDATE: They’ve added a FAQ page about this fund as well as a blog

*UPDATE: Charity Navigator has posted a list of 4 and 3 star charities on the ground or working through partners in Japan. Two of the most efficient charities are IRC whose initial support is going to a deeply entrenched aid organization in called Peace Winds Japan, and Brother’s Brother Foundation who is working with the Japan-American Society. 100% of donations to these groups will go toward Japan.

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