helping animals in japan

Animal rescue groups are in dire need of help too. Below are some groups on the ground or collecting supplies (as listed in this article from the SF Chronicle.) Consider splitting your donation between several groups.

*Japan Earthquake Animal Support (and here on Facebook), is coalition of three no-kill groups in Japan that have joined together for maximum impact. Their donation button leads to their PayPal page or PayPal directly to Enter your donation amount in dollars even though there are Japanese characters. PayPal will convert to dollars before you finalize the payment.

*The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is deploying teams to assist with search and rescue missions. The teams arrive on disaster sites totally self-contained with their own food, dog food, water, medicine and supplies. Incredible organization!

*World Vets are first-responders who are on the ground and offering immediate aid to animals. Donate here.

*Animal Refuge Kansai (in Tokyo and Osaka) is preparing for a huge influx of homeless animals from disaster areas and will build emergency shelters if need be. There donation button leads to PayPal. Enter the amount of yen you’d like to donate, not US dollars. (4050 yen is roughly 50 dollars.) PayPal converts to US dollars before you finalize the payment.

*Animal Miracle Network is shipping desperately needed animal supplies to their partners in Japan.

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