Arnold Gundersen is a nuclear engineer with 30 years experience who was an expert safety witness in the Three Mile Island case. He’s a whistleblower who was personally attacked by the industry for speaking out (and then vindicated.) For the past few weeks, he’s been providing short, concise weekly video updates regarding Fukushima. He’s also analyzing official NRC reports and interpreting information that others are too inexperienced (or hesitant) to tackle. This guy is scientific, totally legit and not an alarmist.

Side note: as reported by the Guardian, the “official” number of people effected by Chernobyl is bunk. The Chernobyl disaster was completely white-washed, just as we are witnessing with Fukushima. It’s important to realize that the numbers and statistics around Chernobyl being used to make comparative assumptions about the ramifications of Fukushima are incorrect and grossly underestimated.

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